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After such a long time following the Covid 19 regulations and Third Age Trust guidelines, many of our groups are restarting their activities. All of our outdoor sport and exercise groups are now meeting again and those which meet indoors have either restarted or are planning to do so soon. Other indoor groups are doing the same, while some continue to meet via Zoom and Skype. Our outstanding Technical Team has set up the equipment for hybrid zoom meetings, which will be an enormous boon now that our indoor venues are available again, to meet the needs of members who are still hesitant about meeting face-to-face.

Excursions and group outings are up and running – take a look at the Events page to find out more.

We intend to continue with our weekly afternoon Zoom meetings with a speaker which are available to all our members. These have been running for two years now and we’ve had some truly fascinating speakers. Members continue to meet for a Virtual Cuppa three times a week, again on Zoom, to see some friendly faces and have a chat.

You would find plenty to do should you join us now, and it is our intention that our full service will resume over the next few months.

The subscription to join Chiltern u3a is £26.00 per member. This covers Membership until 31 March 2023. (Members on Pension Credits are entitled to a reduced subscription and should contact the Membership Secretary, at u3amembership@chiltern-u3a.org.uk, in confidence, in that connection.)

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I understand that I must be a UK taxpayer and pay sufficient Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax to cover the Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in each tax year, failing which it is my responsibility to pay any difference.  If my circumstances change so this is no longer true, or I wish to cancel this Declaration at any time, I will notify the Membership Secretary.

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Data Protection (GDPR)

We will only use your personal information within, and for the purposes of, the u3a. However, it will be sent outside to the companies which distribute our quarterly newsletters and, if you choose to receive it, the National Office’s magazine Third Age Matters. It will also go to the company managing our membership system and, if relevant, Gift Aid data will be sent to HMRC. You may view and update your personal information at any time.
The complete GDPR policy documents are on the Members' page of our website and may be obtained from the Secretary.


Cu3a is run by the members for the members. Would you like to volunteer? Tell us in the box below.

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