The drop down list will take you to the pages for the various types of Events organised by Cu3a.

Group Events

Group Events are open to members of the Group. They may be their regular meetings which are held at different venues each time; outings organised for the Group as part of their activities; or maybe a Group lunch or social get together.

For Members: If you're interested in joining a Group in order to take part in their Events, please login and then click on the Group name on the Our groups button above. Once you’re on your chosen Group’s page, use the ‘email’ icon to contact the Group Convenor  or the ‘apply to join’ icon to join the Group 

For Non-Members: Please click on the ‘Join us’ button on the yellow menu bar above and submit an application form to join Cu3a.


Excursions are open to all members of Cu3a. Booking forms with all details and information on how to pay are inserted into the quarterly Cu3a newsletter emailed to all members at the beginning of February, May, August and November.  They may also be made available in the fortnightly eBulletin or by direct member email.

Cu3a asks that all excursions undertaken in its name conform to our Terms and Conditions. Please click on this link Accessibility for Excursions….. to see these . Please also make sure that all your participants are aware of these at the time of booking.

General Meetings

General Meetings with a speaker and followed by refreshments and a chance to catch up with your friends, and make new ones, are available to all our members and held in the Drake Hall at the Amersham Community Centre, in the Chilterns Lifestyle Centre, on the third Wednesday of each month at 2.30pm.

Many of the talks from the last two years have been recorded, and logged-in members can access the recordings on the members' page of this website to view at a later date.

Special Events

Occasionally, Cu3a organises special events which are open to all members. These may be one off events, annual events or short-term courses.