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General meetings

General meetings are held in the Amersham Community Centre Drake Hall at 14:30 on the third Wednesday of each month. They are open to all Chiltern U3A members - please remember to bring your membership card with you, it will be checked at the door. Meetings last just over an hour - make sure you pay for enough time in the car park (allow 2 hours) to stay at the end of the meeting to have a cup of tea or coffee and get to know people.

Prospective members are welcome to attend two general meetings to see if you like us. Just introduce yourself to whoever is on the door checking membership cards and they will make you welcome.

There is a loop system in the Drake Hall, and you should switch your hearing aid to the "T" position to hear speakers more clearly.

Click here to see a list of previous General Meetings from January 2013 to December 2017

Click here for a video of the World War 1 commemoration concert on June 2nd 2018. This is a large file and may take some time to download and open.

Forthcoming General Meetings:

Please note that speakers are booked a year or more in advance, and are subject to change, sometimes at short notice.

Wednesday September 19
Alan Wise: The Fascinating world of the Psychologist/ Mindfulness

Alan has over 40 years experience and his talks aim is to teach new techniques to cope better with stressful events in our lives, Alan is a qualified psychologist and motivational speaker and is an esteemed psychotherapist who has practised both in Europe and the US with specialisms in depression, stress management, chronic insomnia, weight loss and all psychological health issues. He is an expert witness to the court and has worked for many years in the medical/legal field, reporting on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for road accident/air/and industrial injuries.
His website is www.journeyintothemind.co.uk

Wednesday October 17
Philip Caine: Barrow to Bagdad and Back

Philip is an author of four books, all thrillers inspired by ten years in the Middle East.
His talk starts with him leaving school and ends with the writing of his first novel and then goes on to talk about his time as a chef and manager in the hotel industry, then his time working in the oil business on rigs in the North Sea and then oil businesses in Algeria and Nigeria, and his time living and working in Kazakhstan and Russia. Philip spent seven years working for the American military in Bagdad and then finally running companies in Dubai and Iraq. He has appeared on BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Radio Lancashire and That’s Manchester TV 
Further information about Phillip can be found on his website www.philipcaine.com

Wednesday November 21
Dave Morrison: A reflection on the events leading to the Armistice in WW1

On 11 November, 1918, after 4 years of killing with horrendous weapons in deplorable conditions, both of the sides fighting World War One laid down their arms and put a halt to the carnage. How did this happen? The German Army had not surrendered and had not been defeated. What are the main events in the progression of the conflict and how did they lead to the Armistice?
New tactics, new technology, the weather, politics, revolution and starvation can all be cited as reasons for the war coming to an end, but the truth has to involve a mixture of all of them.
Since 2006, Dave Morrison has guided student and adult groups around the battlefields of the Western Front. He has a BA in History and an MSc in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine from Imperial College London.

Wednesday December 19
Tony Earle:  A look at the Musicals

The film musical provided an escape into a dream world and Tony will be showing film clips, trailers and pictures from the 1880’s to modern times so a nostalgic afternoon to enjoy. Tony is a retired photographic scientist who worked for Kodak for 40 years and says his talks are non- technical and are delivered in an easy, relaxed and amusing manner.

To suggest a guest speaker, or to offer to speak, please email u3aspeakersecretary@chiltern-u3a.org.uk


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